Has anyone…

…seen my boy? Been looking all over for him. Let me know if you see him. Advertisements

Labor Day…

…well spent, in my humble opinion. Blessings, ~A

Sawyer Ellic Binkley Part 2

That was the story in part one. I think it is truly amazing how God used every single instance and happening in this process to show us that He is truly there, watching… Continue reading


‘Nuff said. ~Alan

Sawyer Ellic Binkley Part 1

I want to say first and foremost that God’s hand is all over this one. Seriously. This is Sawyer’s story. We went into the hospital on Wednesday morning after a long night of… Continue reading

Surprise to us!

So we got an unltrasound this afternoon because the doctor wanted to make sure Sawyer was head down. He said he didn’t like surprises. We went, we saw, we went to the regular… Continue reading


… of some stuff I have been doing around the house. These are obviously needed in our small home. I am excited to be able to organize so easily! And so is Carrie.… Continue reading

Coming down…

… to the wire, as one friend put it yesterday. Things with the house are really coming together. Now all I have left to do is refinished the dressers, which will take no… Continue reading

Work work work…

So I have been trying to get everything done in the new house so that we can get things put away. Invisible fence is in for the dogs, working on closets and such.… Continue reading


I’ll get Amber, my sister in law, to take more photos tonight while we work, but here is a better photo of our little house. Amber will be painting while I am doing… Continue reading