So I haven’t posted…

…in a month. I swear, this past election has been a rough one on me. I get so consumed, so sucked in by info and my passions and the fact that there are so many people blinded by bright lights and the empty promises of Hope from an emptier suit… It’s done and over and people will get what they paid for. Moving on now.

I need some prayers! Monday night I volunteered to lead this coming Monday’s men’s small group. Derek is out of town and needed someone to take up the torch and the Lord prompted me to step up and help. He knows that I have a problem with leadership and management and that kind of responsibility and yet He has been thrusting all of those on my for years. I run as far away from them as quickly as I am able but He continues to lead me right on back around toward them. Maybe one day I’ll listen and accept, but today i need some prayers.

To say that feelings of inadequecy abound is an understatement. I have never been taught how to teach. I have never been trained in how to speak and I have not ever been shown how to lead. This is something I have struggled with my entire life and I know that with His help I can do what He needs me to do, but it doesn’t take away the fear.

Prayers, people. I need em. ; ) As a reward, here is Sawyer.