Sawyer Ellic Binkley Part 2

That was the story in part one. I think it is truly amazing how God used every single instance and happening in this process to show us that He is truly there, watching out for us. It was palpable in so many ways. Let’s go down the list:

Worldly Action:

  1. The ultrasound was ordered because the Dr. felt Sawyer may not be head down and he said he wanted no surprises.
  2. The ultrasound read that Sawyer was head down, but was 5lbs 10oz, that the flow through the cord from the placenta was low, and the combination of small baby and low flow was one he didn’t want to chance for another two weeks.

3. Fear of labor, fear of the pain involved and were we ready?

God’s Reaction:

  1. We trusted Dr. Wingo because he was the one that God provided us and we had complete faith in him. He was very careful and conscious of our feelings and fears.
  2. The ultrasound was wrong. Dead wrong. Sawyer was 6lbs 11oz, and the placenta was in worse shape than thought. It had actually separated from the wall of the uterus. This is what caused the low cord flow and the bleeding once the water was broken. This was a significant amount of blood.
  3. The fact that the ultrasound was “wrong” leads me to believe that is yet another thing God did on purpose, as our fears and stress were enough by themselves without the added thoughts that there may be some serious complication during birth. We all know how stress effects the body and if we had known this I have no doubt things would have turned out differently.
  4. Think: What if the water had broken elsewhere? What if Carrie had been at work? Well, since she works  5 minutes away from Baptist, things may have gone okay. But what if it would have happened at home, where we live 40 minutes away from the hospital? Had that happened, I may not have had a wife OR a son at this moment in time.

Other Points of Interest:

  1. Robin, our nurse. She was the perfect person to handle this situation. She was right on not only in knowledge and practices, but God knew that she had the temperament and personality to match ours. Thank You for that, Father.
  2. Julie, our nurse for the next 3 days. Oh my goodness, kindness personified! She was there every time we needed her and I just cannot say enough about her care.
  3. Carrie’s recovery… less than 24 hours after I saw the doctors playing tug-o-war with her intestines, she was up taking a shower by herself, no catheter, no IV, no dressing on her incision. Seriously, this woman is a machine and God was amazing!
  4. The pain. Carrie’s biggest fear in all of the lead up to birth was the fact that she was deathly afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take the pain. God made sure through the lead up to the epidural that the contraction pain was nonexistent, and He made sure to have Dr. Wingo order the epidural in plenty of advance time so that once the water was broken and the contractions really came, there would be no pain. As it turned out, there was a different kind of pain that she didn’t have to feel and we are blessed for it.

It is plain as day to me that God’s hand was all over this one and it is through the prayers of you guys, His warriors, that this was allowed to happen. Thank you all so much for your love, your prayers and thanks be to God for His love, mercy and faithfulness.

All Glory is His here. All of it.