Surprise to us!

So we got an unltrasound this afternoon because the doctor wanted to make sure Sawyer was head down. He said he didn’t like surprises. We went, we saw, we went to the regular appointment. Doc walks in, says let me check something, then says:

“You’re having a baby tomorrow. I don’t know when or where yet, but my assistant will tell you in a minute.”

So, we are going into Baptist at 7:30am and Carrie is being induced. Sawyer is small at 5lbs 10oz and the placenta is no longer functioning in such a way as to provide the correct amount of nutrients and inspire growth. Basically, to save complications later down the road, he feels safer having Sawyer out 2 weeks early instead of something “maybe” happening if we wait full term. The baby is doing fine and everything checks out normally, so this is precautionary.

Regardless, we will be parents at some point tomorrow night and I am asking for prayers! Again. Pray that it is a speedy process and that the procedure goes smoothly and that Carrie heals quickly and such.

I know God has a reason for bringing him on early and I am excited to see him early too.

Be Blessed.