… of some stuff I have been doing around the house.

These are obviously needed in our small home. I am excited to be able to organize so easily! And so is Carrie. I suppose it’s a two way street: I have no excuse to just pile things when it all has a place now and she has no more room for shoes so she needs to get rid of some when she wants some more! Woo hoo! Our MAJOR thanks goes out to Tyler and Brittany Spradling for being here yesterday to prime that raw MDF for us! You guys are a true blessing.

On to the office!

Finally have it almost finished. Just lacking the printers and scanner now. We need to put our heads together because I am going to build some shelving in the same style as the desk on which to place the printers. I like the idea of having an uncluttered desktop so we have more workspace for crafts and myself for drawing and watercolors. And we need to hang photos and such but that is small change compared to the option to stop living out of boxes!

We are really getting there in Sawyer’s room. It’s basically done. Carrie spent all day yesterday getting his dresser filled and clothes washed and ready. She is even now folding his things and putting them away.

5 sheets of MDF =$250

6 gallons of paint = $?

1 sheet of oak ply and small other material = $70

3 weeks of nonstop labor and love = exhaustion

Years of comfort and use from it all = Priceless

comfy home>living from boxes(anytime)

Be Blessed