Coming down…

… to the wire, as one friend put it yesterday. Things with the house are really coming together. Now all I have left to do is refinished the dressers, which will take no time once the sanding is finished. Here are a few things I have done.

The first photo is the computer desk I built and am in the process of staining and finishing. Standard oak ply with an oak facing. The next two photos are the master closet, the boxes for folded shirts and sweaters and the shoe shelving which is a must in our place. I’ll have some more photos up once we get the computers set up in the office and I can use our real camera, instead of the camera on my phone!

Be praying for us in the peace and patience areas, the wisdom areas and such. I know for myself, I need to figure out when to slow down and which priorities to put where. My mind is a complete jumble these days and I am having a hard time putting thoughts into words. It’s like when i was younger and the dark one would use distractions to make my mind feel like a radio tuner, one over which I had no control. One which the stations were constantly changing and had all of the static in between signal.

That’s what my head feels like these days.

For Carrie: be praying for strength, rest and peace! She is about to go through a tough fight any day now and while I know that God has made here able to handle it, she has some doubts. This woman is amazing in all ways. Beautiful, smart, funny, loving, stubborn and tough as nails all rolled into one. She is perfect for me and while I know how well she will do, well, I can’t make her see what I can see clear as day.

Be praying that some work breaks loose soon. I have some busy work and such, but no big jobs lined up. God has something coming down the line soon, because I can feel Him moving, but we could use some more busy work until then!

Off to work on the dressers. Be Blessed.