Well, Carrie and I are anxiously awaiting the closing of our house in Pleasant View. We we supposedly closing the 18th, but guess what? Yeah. Not so much. Today was supposed to be closing day as well, but the funds, for some unknown reason, couldn’t be wired? No idea.

So here we are, having planned out the whole week to finish packing and for me to already be building custom closet shelving for organizing and we don’t have the keys yet! Erg! Anyway, frustration is mounting, people are supposed to be helping this weekend and we have nothing done on the house yet. Now, I work fast and am used to long hours, but I also usually have a key in my hand an the option of doing the work, but such isn’t the case today.

Be praying that we can find patience, peace and the time to get things done. Fortnately we have 6 weeks before the baby is here and have that time to really get settled in, assuming the baby decides to stay in that long. Not my call, I assure you.

Thanks to all who attended the shower on Saturday! we are so very blessed to have such incredible friends and loved ones. We love you guys and thank you again for helping to make our transition from a young married couple to new parents that much easier.