Faithfulness and new beginnings…

My brother

My brother

Dear Brother,

How many years has it been? How long ago was it when I tempted you away from God? How long ago was it that I helped set your feet on the path from which you have never strayed?

I remember you when we were young. I remember how you used to do the things I would dream up and accept the blame as if it were your idea. I remember being able to talk you into it all.

I remember you being my hero. I used to watch in jealous wonder when you would talk about God and show your knowledge of the Bible and I wanted to be like that. It was you that helped bring me to Jesus back then. I remember.

Do you remember when we both fell from grace? We hit the ground running and didn’t look back long enough to see exactly what or whom we were leaving behind. Years. That is what I lost when I ran. Years, Innocence, Energy, Focus… Dreams.

He took me back. There i was, dragging my feet, head hung low and afraid to look Him in the eye and He still took me back. As a matter of fact, He not only took me back, He lifted my chin as I lay sobbing at His feet and smiled at me. He smiled at me with tears in His eyes and said, ‘Welcome back, I’ve been waiting for you. Remember the suicide attempts? Yep, I stopped you. Remember how you could eat pills like candy that should have dropped a man 3 times your size? Yep, that was me too. Remember denying that I even existed? I heard. Remember trying to provoke me to prove myself over and over? Yes, Alan, I saw.

“And guess what. I forgive you.”


God is amazing. I thank Him so much for the gift He has given us of my brother. After so many years of prayer, guilt and sorrow, little brother has decided to try God on again. He said he wants more, something wasn’t there anymore and that he wanted to “see color” again. Praises, praises and praises.