Alan’s Fried Chicken Fingers

2 boneless chicken breasts 1 ½ cups flour Tablespoon paprika Tablespoon garlic salt 2 tsp. black pepper 2 eggs 1 cup THICK buttermilk (we get ours at ALDI. Best buttermilk we’ve ever tasted.… Continue reading


I love the Fall. I love the smells, the colors and the sound of giants in padded uniforms slamming into each other all to get a leather ball into a small spot of… Continue reading

Catch a Glimpse Photography

Regina does it again. Here is a shot from Sawyer’s 6 month photos.It will link you to her blog where you’ll see other photos and find her contact info. She’s great, folks. And… Continue reading


Regina does amazing work, folks. Want her contact info? Book her now before she gets too busy! Seriously, she has a very bright future. ~A

So I haven’t posted…

…in a month. I swear, this past election has been a rough one on me. I get so consumed, so sucked in by info and my passions and the fact that there are… Continue reading

Avoidance « High Desert Dreamer

via Avoidance « High Desert Dreamer. Joni Autrey wrote a post that made me think a little, which we all know is the extent of my thinking. I find myself avoiding things that… Continue reading

He’s tough.

This is his “Daddy, Hurry Up And Change My Diaper Before I Knock You Out” look. See? fist cocked and all. That’s my boy.

He won’t stop growing.

He is a piggy. Poor Carrie. No sleep, no time to do anything else. She needs a vacation, or needs to go back to work so she can get some rest… /wink But… Continue reading

No words needed.

So I have been tagged?

Yep, FullofBoys Tagged me. Now the pressure is on and I have to live up to the hype! I mean, the rules strictly state that you can only choose 6 people and said… Continue reading